Success Stories

Our mission is to help/save as many dogs as possible, but the people who really save our rescued dogs' lives are the people who choose adoption over breeding/purchasing and permanently invite them into their hearts and homes. Dogs are animated, unconditional love and the most joyous part of their day is when their human companions come home. :)

Here is what some of our adoptive parents have said:



Happy Holiday News Flash: Pinky Found A Home!

After almost 3 years of not giving up on him, Pinky finally found a loving adopter right here in Brooklyn! Thanks to Ray, he has a warm cozy home just in time for the holidays! :)

Precious little Rosie is home!

"She rescued ME! This dog is heaven sent! Rosie is lovable,smart,and extremely we'll behaved. You would think I ordered this dog to my specs and an angel delivered. Thanks Amy." - Pat

Hooray for little Pee Wee!

"He's a sweetheart! Everyone loves him! If every rescue was this easy...!" -Tom

India (formerly Rhea) Has Found True Love Forever!

"Were so insanely happy and so incredibly grateful that you brought India into our lives. Shes adapting at lightning speed In short we love her, so thank you for that... and of course thank you for the work you do. Its important, its precious and it must be very had. You have our admiration and thanks." - Max & Kris

Peka Has Found His Wonderful New Parents!

"He is settling in just fine. We love him!! Thank you so much we are so happy. :)" - Kathy & Robert

After many trials and tribulations, Frank (formerly Mickey) has found his forever home... and is now a biker dog!!

Yaaay For Beautiful Ginger!

"Ginger is the perfect dog: Sweet, playful, cuddly and hilarious! She loves taking walks, hunting squirrels and snacking on apples. Thank you for rescuing Ginger, we adore her!" - Michelle, Ginger's Mom

Ladybug Found Her Dad Despite All Odds!

"She is doing really well and shaping up to be a wonderful dog!" - Brian, Ladybug's Adopter

Winnie Finally Found Her Forever Home!

"She's an absolute angel." - Jon, Winnie's Dad

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We are continuously looking for animal-loving people to provide temporary foster homes for our rescued dogs. We can also always use monetary donations to help us provide vet care, food, supplies, transportation, etc. If you're able to foster a dog, please contact us and feel free to take a look at our foster agreement form here: foster form. If you're able to make a donation, you can easily do so by clicking on the PayPal tab!

Thank you in advance for all of your help! Woof!